Monday, April 6, 2015

The 2nd Most Important Device To Monitor Body Weight....

    Well you guessed the first one is of course the scale, better yet if you have the money, the digital body fat scale. Now the 2nd best thing is also to monitor your body fat and more importantly, your waist size!!! I might even say it's more important than the scale for those who are going for a beach look over losing pounds for a goal or competition. It only cost about $5 and you may already have it in your house... So what is it?  


    How many people do we see gaining weight their first few months in the gym and think they are doing something wrong while they are really putting on muscle, and in the same breath how do you know when you are losing weight that you are dieting correctly and not losing muscle rather than fat? Well of course the digital scale, and now of course the body tape measure.

      You can measure the big parts, chest/back, arms, waist, navel, thigh, calves, to be really particular, or if you are like me right now you can just measure the navel as you watch the fat being stripped off and your six pack beginning to show. Just like in previous articles I recommend to my clients keeping a brief notebook of diet and morning weigh ins, now with the digital body fat scale and tape measure you can add body fat percentage and waist line.

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