Saturday, July 13, 2013

Percentage Of People Who Can Bench 225lbs, 275, 315, etc

    What percentage of people can bench press certain weights, in our study which has taken place in over a decade in the gym, this is what myself and the Captain Power have come up with:

185lbs/83kg: Over 60% of gym goer's will hit one plate and a quarter, many within the first 16 months of training.

225lbs/102kg: 40% of gym goer's

275lbs/124kg: 15% of gym members, we are starting to hit the elite

315lbs/142kg: 8% of hardcore gym members

365lbs/165kg: 2% of gym members, even in a hardcore steroid gym, seeing someone do 3 plates and a quarter may only be limited to 20%.

405lbs/165kg: less than 1% of gym members will ever bench press 4 plates

455lbs/206kg: less than 0.5% of gym members will ever reach this level, or 495lbs/224kg or more. This is an elite that must have a lifetime dedication, a rock solid diet, and most likely some anabolic help.

Accounting that most of the population does not train regularly, even if you are benching 185lbs, you probably bench press more than 70% of the population in your age group in America, and more so as you get older!

So lift on!!!!

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  1. You think 40% of gym members can bench 225? On which planet? 75% of members do not even touch a barbell at the gym.

  2. He didn't say sets of 225, just bench it
    I can believe 40%, many not well, but they can

  3. I am 60 years old and can bench press 225, but over the years I have been a consistent member of fitness gyms (Lifetime, 24hour Fitness, LA Fitness, etc.)and I haven't seen 10% of males that can do that. Maybe at Gold's Gym or other weightlifting gym the 40% would apply.

  4. 305 BABY! I'm working on that 315. I would love to put on 3 weight plates.

  5. I'm 56 years old and have arthritis, yet I hit 315 (single-rep) for the first time this year. Nobody was more surprised than I was myself! Been lifting for about 5 years, but only making serious progress for the last 2.

    Here's the key to success:

    What makes the most difference is a really good trainer. A trainer who watches your form very closely, and corrects the small problems before they become big problems. And sets aggressive but achievable progress goals along the way.

  6. I am 53 years old, do not use a trainer and can bench 455 to date. It has taken me 2 years of serious training to reach that weight and my flat bench goal for 2018 is 500 pounds. I work out religiously never missing a workout even if I am on the road.

    I used to lift quite a lot when I was younger and on and off when I was in the military and believe the that has helped me tremendously in my gains as I have have gotten older.

    am a RAW lifter and do not take any drugs but I do follow a very strict diet and supplement routine. I only train using 5 lifts (Flat Bench, Deadlifts, Standing Press, Squat, Bent Over Rows). After all my heavy lifts I de-eload around 25% and rep to near exhaustion. On the flat bench specifically I currently follow all my heavy reps with sets of 315 for 12+ reps. This weight will increase proportionately as my PR's improve.